'An interactive live installation and performance, involving dance,  visual art, sculpture, photography and multimedia.'

‘Hidden Beauty’ is a project concerned with the environment around us and its natural beauty.

This is collaborative project between artists and galleries:


   Creative Team 2:

  • Elsa Sandy: Desing, Interior & Applied Arts
  • Darren Evans: Multimedia Designer
  • Mark Pick: Photographer 
  • Lucie Lee: Dance Artist & project leader/JMDA/LLDC

   Creative Team 1:

  • Kathryn Oubridge :  Visual Artist
  • Regina Verheyen:  Photographer
  • Lucie Lee: Dance Artist & project leader/JMDA/LLDC 
  • Batley Art Gallery
  • The North Light Gallery
  • Armley Mills: Leeds Industrial Museum


Supported by: